• CND Additives – Craft Culture Collection (Limited Edition)


    Discover the beauty of artisanal design. Distressed effects with a modern, handmade touch. Authentic. Timeless. Unique.

    Boho Beads
    Russet Rage
    Tainted Gold
    Polished Peridot

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  • CND Additives – Flora & Fauna Collection (Limited Edition)


    Capture the colors of nature and get inspired by the vibrant blossoms of a fresh bouquet with
    NEW limited-edition Flora & Fauna Additives.

    Hydrangea Bloom
    Dream Lily
    Nectar Glaze
    Silver Ponyfoot

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  • CND Additives – Paradise

    About the product
    • Sizzling Sand Glitter (6.43g-0.22oz)
    • Tropic Sunrise Pigment (3.58g-0.12oz)
    • Island Heat Pigment (3.01g-0.1oz)
    • Pink Lotus Pigment (3.62g-0.12oz)
    • Midnight Tide Pigment Effect (3.62g-0.12oz)
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  • CND Additives Art vandal collection (Limited Edition)


    CND Additives Art Vandal Collection Spring 2016 Limited Edition – 5 Colors

    Package Includes:
    Exhibition – Glitter – 0.05 oz
    Twinkle Pink – Glitter – 0.06 oz
    Confetti Kiss – Glitter – 0.07 oz
    Cobalt Clash – Pigment Effect – 0.07 oz
    Lavender Whispers – Pigment Effect – 0.06 oz

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  • CND Additives Forbidden Collection (Limited Edition)


    An intriguing collection of limited edition Additives Pigments & Effects to blend into any sculpting powder or gel, or layer over CND Shellac.
    Free metal studs and foil included to create the edgy look you desire.


    5 – Limited Edition Additives Pigments & Effects
    20 – Silver Round Decorative Studs
    20 – Gold Round Decorative Studs
    1 – Roll of Silver Decorative Foil

    • CND introduces a new way to bring color to your clients.
    • Additives, an eye-opening collection of pure pigments, pigment effects and effects.
    • Blend Additives into any CND sculpting powder or gel, or layer over CND Shellac.
    • For the ultimate artistic freedom.
    • Additives is a new generation of nail art in the making.
    • This new technology will appeal to even the most traditional salon client.
    • 0.25oz / 7g

    CND Shellac – Dip a dry brush into desired Additives and then lightly apply to uncured layer of Shellac. Cure for two minutes. Apply Shellac Top Coat to seal and protect the design and cure for two minutes.

    Liquid & Powder – Add a small amount of sculpting powder and a dash of desired Additives to an empty jar. Cap the jar and shake to blend thoroughly. Never mix more than 30% Additives to any powder blend.

    Gel – Add a small amount of gel to a mixing tray or jar, and a dash of desired Additives. Gently stir together using a spatula or an orangewood stick until thoroughly mixed. Use a slow, steady motion to avoid creating bubbles. Never mix more than 30% Additives to any gel blend.

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  • FantaSea Nail Art Caviar Kit


    It’s fun and easy. Salon looking results in seconds. Dries quickly. Saves time and money.

    Directions: File & prep nails. Apply nail polish color of your choice (not included). Put hand over tray and sprinkle caviar pearls onto nail while nail polish is still wet. Once nail is fully covered, gently press to set pearls in place. Seal the free edge of nail with the top coat. Let caviar pearls set for at least 15 minutes.

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